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Les derniers investissements industriels

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31-10-2019 : Usines : Sur dix ans, les ETI ont fait preuve de résilience

Trendeo réalise pour le M-ETI (Mouvement des entreprises de taille intermédiaire) un suivi trimestriel de l’activité des ETI françaises. Tous les secteurs sont suivis, et leur activité comparée avec celle des autres tailles d’entreprises, mais dans notre dernière note nous nous sommes attachés à l’analyse spécifique de la dynamique des ouvertures et fermetures d’usines. [...]

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03-12-2019 : Bruno Le Maire s’en prend aux constructeurs automobiles français

Bruno Le Maire s’en prend aux constructeurs automobiles français. (Cf. article BFM) Les données de Trendeo sur l’emploi dans le secteur automobile en France, de 2009 à 2019, montrent qu’en effet, dans les 50 778 emplois perdus, PSA et Renault sont les principaux foyers de perte. Le graphique ci-dessous montre aussi que c’est tout un [...]

Cet article Bruno Le Maire s’en prend aux constructeurs automobiles français a été publié en premier sur Trendeo

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Mapping of the latest investments announced

Overview of available features in the subscriber area

“Understanding industrial investment strategies worldwide, in real-time„

It is very easy to obtain aggregated data on industrial investment worldwide. But who is behind the numbers?

The Industries & strategies database gather qualitative and quantitative information about industrial investments announced worldwide. For each investment that we detect through 200 000 web sources worldwide, we fill a complete fact sheet with amount invested, jobs created, sector, mother company and so on, but we also score the project along six industry 4.0 criteria (production flexibility, energetic efficiency, digitalisation level, environmental measures, territorial measures, social efforts).

An innovative tool to analyse industrial investment worldwide in real-time.

Quick sectorial studies

Check the pulse of any industrial sector whenever you need it, checking who is investing, where, for what aggregated amount on investment, how does the period (month/quarter/year) compare to the year before. When available, you will get access to the names of customers, suppliers, funding entities.

Selecting the best opportunities

Your CRM is full of nice companies. Why not starting with the ones that just announced big investments for which you could be a provider? The database makes it easy to find the most active companies in or from a given country, or in a given industrial sector.

Email alerts

Define the kind of information you would like to receive immediately, as soon as we enter them in the database. Use criteria such as company names, country of origin, destination country, sector, product or any other field in the database. Then select daily or weekly mail alerts.

Work with a BI tool

The whole database can be exported in a simple datasheet format, which can be used for multicriteria analysis in different BI tools, starting with Excel.

Worldwide marketing

What are a continent’s strong sectors? Where are investment coming from? Where are your competitors/suppliers/partners/customers investing? Who are their funders, suppliers? You will gather instantly a lot of information that must be hidden in costly, or old, or both, specific studies.

Enrich your CRM or your corporate information system

Our API makes it easy to integrate our data with other databases, so you can cross information and add a new layer of information to your CIS.

An overview of the great industrial job markets

Every new industrial project is also an HR project where people will have to be selected, recruited and trained before being put to work. Our database will make it possible for HR companies to monitor the hotspots of the world industry.

Easily share precious pieces of information

Be it the ranking of industrial investors in a sector; a monthly, quarterly or yearly report with graphs and statistics, or to send a fact sheet describing an investment, it is very easy to export and share data with colleagues.

A compilation of the best industrial practices

Investment projects are ranked alongside technological and social criteria. It makes it possible to put those investments in a socially responsive perspective.

In HR, in the banking industry, in marketing, commercial, research and studies activities, our tool offer many functionalities:

Easily take the pulse of world industry and industry 4.0

- Investment and job announcements are very good indicators of industrial trends

- We will publish a yearly analysis of our data to subscribers

- Complete description of investment projects, with geocoded information

- Identification of customers, suppliers and funding entities

- Clear ranking of industry 4.0 criteria worldwide (40% of projects are scored)

Define your commercial strategy, lobby and share

- Easy identification of landmark projects a bonus for B2B industrial suppliers

- Following sectoral and geographical trends through time

Research and marketing made easy

- The database make it easier to identify the major players in world industries

- Our qualitative analysis makes it easy to focus on best practices

Stimulate your team

- The database is very good as a quick answer to all your intuitions that may or may not be confirmed by a thorough tracking of industrial investment worldwide. With this tool you and your team will be able to start your strategy with a clear analysis of world trends.